Monday, 25 April 2011

Humans killing animals - Hill fox - killed in road accident at Nainital

Another victim of human negligence. This photo is of a Hill Fox (Red fox) Vulpus vulpus montana from Nainital highway, which is a hill station in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, India. The roads are mountainous and winding. The vehicle speed usually is around 30 kmph only. Still, drivers do not care for crossing wildlife. These accidents occur especially in the early morning hours, when these otherwise nocturnal animals would be returning home before day break.


  1. yes. Even Schedule 1 animals like leopard are also getting killed in Uttarakhand..specially in Haridwar-Najibabad highway.

  2. Hmm..but I am sure that when a leopard (a pretty big and substantial creature) hits a car or something, it must also cause damage? I cant believe that the drivers just hit/kill a leopard , like a fox, jackal, wild cat or porcupine etc. In my experience in forest and wildlife here in Pakistan (Murree and Hazara Hill Tracts) we have only had one (1) incident of a leopard actually hitting a car-- the impact damaged the car's lights, front, windscreen and the driver and front seat passenger also suffered wounds from glass and so on.