Monday, 11 July 2011


The flights at JFK Airport at Newyork were delayed for up to one and a half hours due to a mating spree of 78 diamond backed terrapins (a kind of turtle) on the runway. One of the pilot noticed the animals on the runway and immediately aborted his take off and informed the controls.
If the flights of New York can wait for so long for helping these animals out, why can't we even slow our vehicles for a second to allow any animal to cross the road?
For detailed news on the JFK flight delay, see the link below.


  1. Why do we call ill treated humans as dogs and the scholars describe that as "he/she was treated like a dog".

    We, many times, contradict ourselves in a way that was not expected by our ancestors when they had talked about life as contradictions playing a symphony.

    When survival is the motto/aim and the impregnated philosophy is exclusive - not inclusive- survival in daily life what more we can expect.

    The essence of our culture - not in words but in real essence - if was conveyed this would not have happened. No ifs and buts matter now. What can be done hereafter is important. To this extent, to bring positive changes in attitudes, I would humbly like to extend my congratulation and well wishes for your blog.

  2. Dear Sanecon,
    Thanks for the comment. I will change 'dog' to something else. I actually didn't mean to say 'dog' as a personification of illtreatment, but just because it is the most common animal crossing Indian roads.
    Wild Himalayas

  3. I was not criticizing the blog content. Was trying to say that even while saying 'treated like a do' (for example), we the general public in India assume a prejudiced stand.

    This seemed to me a hypocrisy; that we talk about inclusiveness as the specialty of our culture but unfortunately are take visibly exclusive decisions where the welfare of others vis-a-vis our conflict.

    My thought was: We may not be able to expect a sudden change, such as stopping/ slowing the vehicle to allow the dogs/any animals to cross the road UNLESS the our culture is assimilated in the truest sense.

    Then these things will be automatic. No one has to force, isn't it. A motorcyclist who drives, automatically slows down (not because he has to be polished/animal lover etc). That was my thought.

    Great work. Thank you. And anyways thanks for substituting for animals :-)