Thursday, 26 May 2011

Three Orphaned Leopard Cubs Rescued

Three male leopard cubs were rescued by the Uttarakhand Forest Department from Village Marchaur, Adkini, 20 kms from Pithoragarh after these cubs were left orphaned by their missing mother. The villagers found the cubs in a stream bank in a dense oak forest where dogs were trying to attack the cubs. The villagers saved these cubs from the dogs and informed the forest department. The forest department team rushed to the spot and put the cubs safely back to the place where it was found and coodoned the area from any public activity. The team and villagers waited all night in the expectation that their mom would return to take away the cubs or feed them milk. However, inspite of the cubs crying (meowing) loud all night, the mother was not visible or heard anywhere around. After day break, since there was no use of leaving the cubs hungry, the cubs were brought to the Range office and after consultation with the veterinarian was fed with dilute milk, after which the cubs are now somewhat active. Two of the cubs have their eyes opened, but one is still to open its eyes completely. The cubs are expected to be around 25 days old. The search for the mother is going on, but the chances are high that the mother is no more. After observation for a few days, these cubs would be sent to Nainital Zoo.
The death or exclusion of one female leopard means the exclusion of three of its present litter, three of its previous litter and three in the womb. So, that means at least the life of 9 more leopards are at stake.
The death or exclusion of one male leopard will lead to capture of its territory by another male, who would like to have only his offsprings in the area. For this, he will kill all the nine cubs as mentioned above per female. A male territory can have 3-4 females and so, 9x4=36 cubs' life is at stake.
So, we should think before declaring any leopard as man-eater and killing them or allowing a leopard to be hunted otherwise.

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  1. It is a fact that most of the time a leopard is declared man eater without proper verification & because of extraneous pressure.
    At the same time we need to put in place a short term & long term strategy to address man-animal conflict.