Monday, 13 June 2011

Leopard cubs reunite with mother

In a detailed investigation of the resuced leopard cubs on 24th May and the leopard skin seized on 22nd May from very nearby places, a positive correlation was arrived on that the fresh skin which was seized on 22nd having three bullet holes belonged to the mother of the three male leopard cubs resuced. DNA samples of both mother and one of the cub which died on 1st June has been send for verification. The middlemen involved in the skin trade are absconding and is believed to have escaped to Nepal, while the suspected poacher having a licenced gun in the nearby village is yet to be arrested.
The leopard cubs were kept in strict supervision and diet. One leopard cub died on the 8th day after recovery. The other two recovered from dysentry and diarrhoea, flattulence, malnutrition, etc., but on the 18th day started showing symptoms of weakness and inability to walk properly. Probably the internal organs had started showing signs of degeneration. One of the cubs died yesterday afternoon and the other passed away after midnight, 20 days after rescue.
Two persons also had dreams of mother leopard roaming around to take away the cubs. We can now believe that the leopard cubs have finally united with their mother in heaven.

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