Friday, 24 June 2011

MUSK DEER RESCUED and hundreds of Satyr Tragopan sighted

A musk deer calf was rescued by a shepherd after its mother was killed by
a predator near Chiplakedar alpine meadows of Uttarakhand. The baby musk deer joined the sheep and goat herd which was being grazed in this area. The shepherd took care of the musk deer along with his sheep and goat and allowed it to suckle goat milk. Now, the musk deer has started eating grass on its own and has left the herd on its own. It has found a safe place in the cliff for rest and comes to the alpine grounds for grazing in the early mornings. The shepherd gave me this information after he returned home with his herd to attend a family function. The collection of cordyceps mushroom Yartsa Gambu has diverted attention of villagers from poaching and is becoming a boon for wildlife, as collection of Yartsa Gambu is more profitable and safer and legal than poaching. With this new livelihood option, we hope that the numbers of alpine fauna will certainly rise. However, the destruction to flora still continues due to heavy demand for certain medicinal plant species. People not able to collect Yarsa Gambu are taking back other medicinal herbs, whose harvest is not sustainable. Efforts are being made to regulate this, especially by trying to bring these plants to cultivation.
The shepherd also reported sighting of hundreds of Satyr Tragopan (Lwang) in Thalpakharak in dense temperate forests.

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