Friday, 1 July 2011


A tiger was sighted at midnight hours in light drizzle and mist at Hairpin Bend no.2 on Kaladungi Nainital road by the Divisional Forest Officer, Nainital, Mr.Bijulal IFS when he was returning from Dehradun to Nainital yesterday. It was a sub adult and was trying to chase a sambhur, which had just crossed the vehicle just a few metres away. The tiger stopped on the road side in the light of the vehicle and then went away into the jungle. Mr. Bijulal is also the person behind making of the feature film MISSION TIGER (  and said that this was the first tiger sighting in the wild during his tenure.
This area has been earlier also reported to be Tiger country, with the Bor river nearby and saltlicks also in the Sal forest. The Bubudham temple also has attached sacred value to the forest here. The nearby Camp Corbett Resort personnel has also sighted tigers here in the past and regularly sees pugmarks too.

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