Wednesday, 17 August 2011

180 Schedule I Turtles seized in Haridwar - 3 Arrested

The Haridwar Forest Division of Uttarakhand Forest Department today seized 180 schedule 1 turtles in a joint operation with the Wildlife Protection Society of India under the guidance of Mr.Jairaj, Additional PCCF, Uttarakhand, who is in charge of implementation of Prevention of cruelty to Animals Act. Three persons have been arrested, out of which two are aquarium shop owners. The different species seized were Indian Tent turtle, Brown roof turtle, Indian Roof turtle and Spotted pond Turtle. These turtles were brought by the poacher from Shajahanpur in Uttar Pradesh for sale in aquarium shops in Haridwar. This poacher has been involved for a long time in illegal trade of live turtles and also crocodile babies likely for aquariums abroad. The trader was contacted for a trade deal after which he was caught at Jwalapur railway station. His statements further led to raids in shops nearby to get more material.

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