Saturday, 4 January 2014


It may be surprising, but the fact is that several wildlife NGOs and Animal right activists are also involved in wildlife crimes in order to keep their institution running on account of funds they receive from international bodies on showing that wildlife poaching is still rampant. Animal right activists also indulge in getting various government orders passed banning cruel practices of animal slaughter, even in states where animals are slaughtered the most respected way. 
KERALA, the God's own country was recently severely criticized by a well known animal right activist group
saying that several cruel practices of animal slaughter like hammering the heads of cows and bulls exist in Kerala, whereas the reality is that Kerala is one of the states where the laws are much respected and even otherwise, the people never adopt cruel practices even if it pertains to killing for food. Even Sea Whales which get trapped on beaches are pushed back to the sea by fishermen instead of taking profit from it. Recently, this animal right group got some government orders issued by the animal husbandry department banning 'cruel practices' which never existed in the State. Such orders are later on claimed to be achievements of the animal rights group to attract more international funding.
In many other states, there are reports of animal rights activists taking possession of domestic animals like parrots and parakeets saying that they are not being treated properly, whereas the reality is that the owners are treating them like their own family members.
Several members of such groups also blackmail innocent persons giving them false claims that they are empowered to seize and cut cases.
NGOs who get funds for wildlife conservation are often prompted to show evidences of poaching. For achieving this target, they use so called 'informers' who instead of informing actual cases of poaching, often are tempted to get involved in poaching, take off skins from naturally dead leopards and other animals, cajole people telling that they would get them a good price for the skins and ultimately trap them and show them to authorities at the same time escaping themselves from the scene. 
Any evidence of poaching will attract funds for camera traps, CCTV, purchase of vehicles, etc. which in turn involve heavy commissions and also help these NGOs get importance and membership in various wildlife advisory committees and boards, etc. thus making their 'livelihood'.
In this context, it has become very difficult to identify the real wildlife activist, the real environmentalist, the real animal right activist and so on. 
Recently, an animal right activist also conducted a sting operation in a renowned national park by gaining entry as a tourist and started publishing it on you-tube and also used prohibited narcotic drugs for conducting the operation. The activist though initially tried to black mail the officials, ultimately is now under investigation for use of narcotics as shown in the you tube video. However, due to high political support, the activist is still able to evade all prosecution.
Another set of activists are using tools like Eco-sensitive zone declaration, etc. in order to black mail persons residing close to national parks and sanctuaries and also hydro power developers and other industrialists having their projects close to national parks and sanctuaries. Further, this has become a dealing ground for land mafias as they speculate such lands which lose their market value on even a grape wine rumour that the area is going to become a ecosensitive zone. There is a distress sale and the land mafia take advantage of this. Later on, when things become normal often accounted due to 'mass protests against declaration of ESZ', the land prices regain and the real estate mafia earn a good profit.

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