Sunday, 26 June 2011


Leopard trapped in noose (file photo)
An adult male leopard was found dead in  a field in village Kanthgaon near Gurna in Pithoragarh. On post-mortem, it was found that the leopard was perfectly healthy but with severe blood clot in the lungs, heart and the juglar vein was also found cut. There was a small injury seen behind the shoulder where a few drops of blood was coming out. Probably the leopard escaped and was successful in breaking the noose trap, which is usually a simple clutch wire or any other wire kept as a noose. Once the leopard gets trapped, its tries to run away, during which the noose gets more and more tightened. In this process of struggle, severe internal haemorrage occurs and the leopard slowly loses its life in another few hours. This leopard seems to have broken the trap in the time being, but could not survive for long. One canine tooth was also found missing.

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