Monday, 27 June 2011


The Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Alwar in Rajasthan has awarded seven years imprisonment to seven poachers and five years to one poacher in a tiger poaching case in Sariska Tiger Reserve which took place long back in 2002. The poachers convicted are Zahuru, Ramzan, Hazari, Darra, Fazru, Umardin, Sukka and Heera lal. The first two were also fined INR 1.5 lakh each and the next five were fined 80000 INR each and Heera, who got only 5 years imprisonment was also fined 30000 INR.
Though the justice has come after nearly nine years, there is still scope for the poachers to avoid jail by appealing before the Hon. District Court, then the Hon. High Court and finally the Hon. Supreme Court. Three other accused have already died. By the time the upper courts hear and finalise the judgements, it could be another 30 years!!! if the lower court took 9 years. By then there will be no officer from the prosecution who knows the case well and be able to present the case strongly.

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