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POR NO: 10/10 DT 4/3/13)

On 4th March 2013 CCF MTR received secret information of tiger poaching. Based on that information DCF Akot detained 6 suspected persons from various places who were suspected to be involved in the said tiger poaching case. Later DCF Gugamal arrested those persons as the spot of crime was in Dhakana Range of Gugamal Division. POR no 10/10 dated 4.3.13 was registered. The arrested accused were:
1.      Madhusing L. Rathod, resident of Sinaband, Ta: Dharni
2.      Chintaram L. Rathod, resident of Sinaband, Ta: Dharni
3.      Anesh Chattersingh Rathod, resident of Sinband, Ta: Dharni
4.      Vinod Premlal Pawar, resident of Sinband, Ta: Dharni
5.      Sagarlal Gorelal Pawar, resident of Sinband, Ta: Dharni
6.      Narvilal Ruchlesingh Pawar, resident of Sawlikheda, Ta: Dharni
During the investigation, spot verification was done and extensive search operations were carried out with the help of
metal detector and sniffer dog squad.
            One of the absconding accused Shiri who was arrested on 3/6/2013 by tracking his cell call data. Shiri was hardcore poacher and was found to be involved in 3 tiger, 2 leopard and one sloth bear poaching. However after 4 days of custody, the accused was released on bail by JMFC, Achalpur. The application for cancellation of his bail has been filed in JMFC, Achalpur. The application for cancellation of his bail has been filed in JMFC. The decision of which is awaited. Presently behind bar in other cases
            Another accused in this case Mishrila (the financer) from whose possession a sum of Rs 23000 alleged to be part of trade was arrested later on 5th July 2013. He was given MCR by hon. CJM Court Amravati and presently behind bar.
            An abettor, Bhajan was arrested from Raigad, Odisha, based on Call Detail Records analysis. He is under magisterial Custody.
            A detailed bio-data of all accused was prepared and sent to various agencies such as NCRB, CID and CBI. The amin absconding accused Ranjit was found to be already booked in a CBI CASE, 2009 in relation to tiger poaching in Chandrapur area. He absconded the bail and was wanted in CBI case.
Call records Details (CDR) of accused were drawn from cyber cell of S.P. Office Amravati and analyzed with the help of cyber crime expert from other vital clues. Later on 10/10/2013 wildlife Crime Cell was established. Based on the analysis of CDR clues, a team was sent to arrest the main accused Ranjit from Hoshiyarpur, Punjab. Cooperation was sought from the Senior Superintendent of Police, Hoshiryarpur and he was briefed about the involvement of the accused in serious crime of Tiger poaching. However the operation failed and accused absconded beyond reach. After extensive research of CDR data, the offender was tracked down in Vizag. A.P. He has switched around 36 mobile phones and sims to evade arrest. He was arrested on 16/12/2013.
On interrogation, Ranjit told that he sold skin and bones to Sarju of Haryana (mediator). Bases on that information and CDR tracking, Sarju was arrested in Delhi. He was caught with one set of tiger bones and cash of 2.75 lac RS. On interrogation, he told that he further sold skin and bones to Chacha of Delhi. A raid was conducted on Chacha’s house along with Delhi Police. Chacha was arrested and 18 tiger claws (fake) and hard cash of 50 lac was seized from him.
One of the accused Anesh Chattersing Rathod whose involvement in this case was found to be minimal as per investigation done by the I.O., later agreed to appear as approver on behalf of the prosecution and has accordingly recorded his statement under 306 of CrPC, narrating the fine details of poaching incidence before the JMFC, Achalpur. However the approver was influenced by other offenders and changed his witness. As he become hostile, he will be prosecuted for tiger poaching as well as perjury.
Rotten tiger meat, hairs, nails and bold soil sample were seized from the place of crime and sent to CCMB for DNA analysis. Also Rs 33900 in cash were seized which were supposed to be related to tiger trade. An iron trap used for killing the tiger was also seized. Places of residence of accused were raided and whiskers of tiger, weapons related to the crime were seized.
All the statement and Panhnama were made according to Indian Evidence Act. Photographic and electronic evidences were also taken according to protocol.
The evidence include:
1.      DNA Report of CCMB showing traces of DNA from spot of crime and fingernails of accused.
2.      Recovery of tiger meat, steel trap, 33900 RS
3.      Call Detail Records.
4.      Electronic evidences: Video statement, photographs.
Bail applications of all accused except Shiri were rejected trice. All accused found involved in tiger poaching are still behind the bar and the trial has commence in the court.
 In total around 45 persons were arrested from all over India. 10 separate cases were registered.

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